Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 2

It’s been eight weeks since Ellie was born, and I have not been able to help myself. Although I have not finished the previous lotions and potions from the last review, I cracked open a few more bottles from the baby spa gift sets. It also occurred to me that I missed mentioning the Diaper Rash creams and ointments I’ve used so far.

Desitin® Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Rapid Relief Cream

  • Gramma brought this down for her visit, and it seemed to prevent Ellie from having any diaper rash
  • However, I’m going to reserve judgement because I just don’t think Ellie is the kind of baby who is prone to diaper rash
  • She doesn’t like to sit in a wet diaper, so that helps – she screams almost as soon as she’s wet
  • But her skin just doesn’t get irritated down there, so I soon learned I didn’t really need to use cream preventatively

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment

  • I am about to get heretical, but hear me out: I didn’t enjoy the results of this product
  • I know, I know…
  • I used this product first due to it’s incredible reputation among moms
  • That first night, I peeled the silver protective seal, squeezed a dollop onto my index and middle fingers, rubbed my left and right fingers together, and applied the paste to Ellie’s butt
  • Within a hour, my fingers itched uncontrollably
  • By the next morning, I had hives on the back of my hands, tops of my feet, and around my mouth
  • Ew. Now I can say I’ve had hives, I guess
  • So as much as this product is amazing for Ellie’s butt, I only apply it with toilet paper now
  • I really can’t touch the stuff even with starting to take an allergy pill every day now

A+D Original Diaper Rash Ointment

  • Unlike the other two creams whose active ingredient is Zinc oxide, this ointment’s ingredients are Lanolin and Petrolatum (which would not be my first choice)
  • This ointment smells really great, and it smells like baby to sniff Ellie’s butt to see if she needs changing
  • As stated above, I don’t think Ellie is a severe diaper rash kinda girl, so I don’t know if I’m the best to review any diaper rash products

Johnson’s® Hand & face wipes

  • I have previously reviewed that I like the smell of the No More Tears O.G. baby shampoo
  • So when the label said “new scent,” I wondered if I would like it as much as the shampoo
  • I’m very meh about this product
  • One wipe cleared up eye boogies, nose boogies, and a smearing of milk across Ellie’s face, but I’m not sure I need this more than a wet washcloth
  • The cost of buying special wipes for face & hands vs just using a washcloth between baths seems a bit unnecessary
  • Especially since I’m already traveling with Wet Ones® and diaper wipes already

Mustela Cleansing Wipes

  • After the Boogie Wipes® sample ran out, I grabbed the next set of wipes given to us in a gift basket
  • Tia Tasha gave Eleanor the Mustela gift set with the note, “this stuff makes baby smell awesome”
  • The scent is pleasant but I’m not sure it’s “like baby”
    – I’m thinking I imagine babies smelling like baby powder instead of flowers
    – The scent I’m getting from this product is flowers
  • I used this product in the morning to wipe up Ellie’s eye goops and mouth crusties
  • Eleanor hated it. She cried every time
  • … So I’m wondering if this product is not meant for eyes due to the fragrance? Nope. According to their website, these wipes should be safe for baby’s eyes and my eyes too
    – I used the cloths to remove my own makeup: very gentle and didn’t irritate my eyes at all
    – However, having that strong of a scented product near my eyes was disconcerting
    – I don’t think I would buy this particular product again

Honest Shampoo + Body Wash – Gently Nourishing

  • This scent was not my favorite: it wasn’t floral so much, more like funky dirt
  • This soap lathered well and was tear-free so I could wash Ellie’s eyes and face
  • Overall, with the scent not lasting, I would rather use fragrance-free or my No More Tears
  • I am surprised that I did not enjoy the Honest products more; I was really hoping to like them better than my tests proved

Honest Face + Body Lotion – Gently Nourishing

  • Same funky dirt smell – maybe the free sample was old or something
  • Like the lavender lotion, the smell didn’t last beyond application
  • I didn’t notice anything special about this lotion and would stick with the Aveeno
  • What a bummer; I was really looking forward to enjoying Honest considering its story

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