As of eight days ago, I can add Mama to my resume…

Made famous by electricduckdesigns.com, Maggie Campbell is a writer, designer, business thinker and strategist. With over a decade of experience in her field, she’s known for her saavy, her cunning, and her ability to get to the heart of any problem with exact precision. Ms-independent is known for being a rockstar in software design and business consulting.

What happens when a big-shot so-in-so hangs up her boxing gloves for two whole weeks to be a full-time mother? What happens when she has to return to work and be the badass she’s known for but also transition to a gentle touch with an infant at home? How will she balance all this? What motherhood discovery will she write about next?

In addition, reading this blog adds you to the growing community of us who are learning from Covid lockdown and trying to remember what “normal” felt like.

We’re up for the adventure!

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