Everything is New and Changes so Fast

Eleanor is three weeks old today, and she has already taught me so many lessons. Today’s lesson is about seeing the world through Eleanor’s eyes and how that changes my whole world. This little girl is something special – that’s for sure. Someday, I am sure, she will blow us all away. I am obsessedContinue reading “Everything is New and Changes so Fast”

First week at Work

Not such an early Monday. I showered before working on Tuesday. Wednesday was a blur, and I was pushing myself too hard already. I was a walking zombie through Thursday and got the sincere feeling this isn’t working well. I sincerely don’t remember much from Friday. I had grand plans of being up early enoughContinue reading “First week at Work”

Before baby: The KonMari Method

Part of the intention of this blog is to become Eleanor’s mother more fully, but also to remember who I was before. That person is not gone. That person is only made more complete by Eleanor joining our lives and our family. My most recent accomplishment was personal and directly related to preparing for Eleanor’sContinue reading “Before baby: The KonMari Method”

A Visit from Gramma & Grampa

Then my parents came. Gramma and Grampa arrived Friday, August 14th in the afternoon donning face masks and bring boxes of baby things they saved from my childhood. My parents save everything, but to their credit, they are attempting to get through the boxes they’ve saved before their children and grandchildren have to do itContinue reading “A Visit from Gramma & Grampa”

Early Truths about Sleep

Nothing gives this new mama more baby stress than “sleep when the baby sleeps” and “my kids slept through the night at 8 weeks” and “oh yeah, well my kids didn’t sleep through the night for over two years”. I have received more input on sleep (both mine and my baby’s) than any other topicContinue reading “Early Truths about Sleep”

Friday before Returning to Work

It’s Friday. I return to work on Monday next. Eleanor was born 10 days ago. Something is very broken in our country that I am a new mother of a 10-day-old and yet I am going back to work next Monday. I suppose here’s a recap of my first 10 days with Eleanor. Eleanor wasContinue reading “Friday before Returning to Work”

Formula Reviews

A review of the formulas we’ve tried from the free samples we received: Similac Pro-Sensitive & Pro-Advance 2 floz Premixed Bottles with One-time use Nipples Many parents may recognize these 2-oz-wonders you receive from the hospital They are preportioned and come with a corresponding nipple; therefore, it’s as easy to feed as 1) Shake 2)Continue reading “Formula Reviews”

Our Birth Story

“Every child mythologizes [their birth],” is close to the line in _The Thirteenth Tale_ by Diane Setterfield. It is one of my favorite novels because it is the origin of so many quotes. I am sure many more will arise because they are so timely for what it is truly like growing up in aContinue reading “Our Birth Story”

When I became a mother

Again, this can be very confusing because “Mothers become mothers when they find out they’re pregnant, but fathers become fathers when they hold their baby the first time.” When did I become a mother? I didn’t become a mother by becoming pregnant. I have never been pregnant. I have tried to become pregnant – soContinue reading “When I became a mother”