Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 2

It’s been eight weeks since Ellie was born, and I have not been able to help myself. Although I have not finished the previous lotions and potions from the last review, I cracked open a few more bottles from the baby spa gift sets. It also occurred to me that I missed mentioning the DiaperContinue reading “Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 2”

Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 1

The favorite gift pre-baby was lots and lots of baby spa gift sets. I understand it because I am a beauty product junkie. I love taking time for myself to care for my skin or hair or nails. Most of our friends and family assumed I would want to spoil my baby the same way.Continue reading “Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 1”

Day Eight

Numbers are confusing, but it’s day 8 of Eleanor’s life and day 1 of the Abrupt halt for Motherhood blog. Mommy blogs are everywhere, so I don’t write for fame and fortune. I write for the wide-ranging versions of mothers out there who look for someone like them – or nothing like them. Eleanor wasContinue reading “Day Eight”