Daily Wellness Check

There are milestones and marking points along our journeys that tell us we are on the right path. Doctor’s have told us what activities Ellie should be entertained by or engaged in by the time she reaches week six. The following is what has worked for me, for us, for my family, and how EllieContinue reading “Daily Wellness Check”

Metrics of Mommyhood

Tomorrow is Ellie’s one month birthday and I asked myself, what does Ellie do all day long at one month old? The answer was sleep, eat, fart, but she can also do quite a bit on her tummy when we do tummy time. Then it occurred to me “what gets measured gets done, what getsContinue reading “Metrics of Mommyhood”

Day Eight

Numbers are confusing, but it’s day 8 of Eleanor’s life and day 1 of the Abrupt halt for Motherhood blog. Mommy blogs are everywhere, so I don’t write for fame and fortune. I write for the wide-ranging versions of mothers out there who look for someone like them – or nothing like them. Eleanor wasContinue reading “Day Eight”