A Visit from Gramma & Grampa

Then my parents came. Gramma and Grampa arrived Friday, August 14th in the afternoon donning face masks and bring boxes of baby things they saved from my childhood. My parents save everything, but to their credit, they are attempting to get through the boxes they’ve saved before their children and grandchildren have to do itContinue reading “A Visit from Gramma & Grampa”

Friday before Returning to Work

It’s Friday. I return to work on Monday next. Eleanor was born 10 days ago. Something is very broken in our country that I am a new mother of a 10-day-old and yet I am going back to work next Monday. I suppose here’s a recap of my first 10 days with Eleanor. Eleanor wasContinue reading “Friday before Returning to Work”

Day Eight

Numbers are confusing, but it’s day 8 of Eleanor’s life and day 1 of the Abrupt halt for Motherhood blog. Mommy blogs are everywhere, so I don’t write for fame and fortune. I write for the wide-ranging versions of mothers out there who look for someone like them – or nothing like them. Eleanor wasContinue reading “Day Eight”