Abrupt halt for Motherhood

Application designer. Expert in her field. Lover of trends and tech.

Then motherhood changed everything.

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Keeping Ellie’s House

It’s week 13 tomorrow and 3 months on Wednesday. Ellie’s sleeping through the night for now. She’s sensitive about her naps – all of a sudden – where she’ll wake up because she heard something downstairs, or Mama started music in the den, or Coda walked into her room. She gets cranky when she doesn’t…

Coda went to the vet today

Coda’s behavior has been a little strange lately and our family had assumed it was just the new baby. However, when we received a postcard from our vet saying it was time for her annual exam, we thought it would be a good time to ask the vet about some of the funny things we…

A Mother’s reinterpretation of Daylight Saving Time

On November 1st, our country recognized its annual observance of “Fall Back” or adding an extra hour back to our day known as Returning to Standard Time. Eleanor was eleven weeks old transitioning to twelve weeks, which is a precarious time for sleep schedules. She had slept through the night four out of the last…

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