Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 2

It’s been eight weeks since Ellie was born, and I have not been able to help myself. Although I have not finished the previous lotions and potions from the last review, I cracked open a few more bottles from the baby spa gift sets. It also occurred to me that I missed mentioning the DiaperContinue reading “Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 2”

I have Lied to you

I called this Abrupt Halt, but that was a lie. I have not halted for motherhood. I have attempted to keep everything the same but just throw a baby in the mix. That is not possible. Many Moms already knew this and were reading me for weeks like an impending car crash. I refused toContinue reading “I have Lied to you”

More Formula Reviews

There are still additional free samples of formula to attempt to quell Eleanor’s hunger: Similac Pro-Advance When the Enspire by Enfamil made Eleanor double over in gas pain, we swapped it for Similac Pro-Advanced after only a day Again, Eleanor transitioned from breast milk during the day and Pro-Advanced at night At this point, she wasContinue reading “More Formula Reviews”

Daily Wellness Check

There are milestones and marking points along our journeys that tell us we are on the right path. Doctor’s have told us what activities Ellie should be entertained by or engaged in by the time she reaches week six. The following is what has worked for me, for us, for my family, and how EllieContinue reading “Daily Wellness Check”

We Were Warned

I was so proud of my daughter being a really great baby – like not spitting up and sleeping well and only crying when she was gassy. Ok ok, I still am proud of my daughter because I am still loving every minute of her short one-month life. Upon looking at her sleep routine fromContinue reading “We Were Warned”

The Crying Checklist

It has come to my attention that I have grown as a parent. For the first several days of Eleanor’s life, I wanted to mitigate her crying at all costs. I didn’t even want to wait the couple of seconds to create a bottle while she cried. I’d like to think I’ve grown as aContinue reading “The Crying Checklist”

Metrics of Mommyhood

Tomorrow is Ellie’s one month birthday and I asked myself, what does Ellie do all day long at one month old? The answer was sleep, eat, fart, but she can also do quite a bit on her tummy when we do tummy time. Then it occurred to me “what gets measured gets done, what getsContinue reading “Metrics of Mommyhood”

Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 1

The favorite gift pre-baby was lots and lots of baby spa gift sets. I understand it because I am a beauty product junkie. I love taking time for myself to care for my skin or hair or nails. Most of our friends and family assumed I would want to spoil my baby the same way.Continue reading “Baby Spa Day Reviews: Part 1”

Everything is New and Changes so Fast

Eleanor is three weeks old today, and she has already taught me so many lessons. Today’s lesson is about seeing the world through Eleanor’s eyes and how that changes my whole world. This little girl is something special – that’s for sure. Someday, I am sure, she will blow us all away. I am obsessedContinue reading “Everything is New and Changes so Fast”

First week at Work

Not such an early Monday. I showered before working on Tuesday. Wednesday was a blur, and I was pushing myself too hard already. I was a walking zombie through Thursday and got the sincere feeling this isn’t working well. I sincerely don’t remember much from Friday. I had grand plans of being up early enoughContinue reading “First week at Work”